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Raw food is very beneficial for our body and helps to keep it fresh and toxin free. They have no or very less spices and therefore they are soft and subtle on our intestine. They really keep our digestive system work properly due to the fiber content in them. This food can be helpful in weight loss to a great extent as they are low in calories and fat. On the other hand they contain far more nutrients than the cooked food. Thus a small amount of such meal with least fats can provide enough nutrients for your daily life. The best way to lose fat from your body is to reduce the intake of calories and increase the intake of nutrients. This can be done by shifting to a uncooked food. Nutritious foods get easily assimilated and absorbed by the intestine and thus it decreases your hunger and increases your satisfaction with the food. If you have less cravings for food, you will not need to work to control your body from having excessive junk food. Half the matter is solved on its own. Raw food weight loss plan can be really helpful in decreasing your weight.

weight loss To reduce weight is not a hard task to achieve, but ,it is very simple and you just need to follow a proper meal plan. A pound of fat contains about 3500 calories and losing a pound of fat per week is in fact losing that much calorie weekly or about 500 calories per day. Now, there are three ways to do that. Reduce your daily fat intake by 500 calories, burn 500 calories or adjust the amount with both burning some calories and reducing some of their intake . Here, if you reduce the intake of fat it serves you best, as you will not require to burn much fat by exercising. This can be done by shifting to a such meal. One of the best things about it is that you have the freedom to eat a lot without gaining much of the calories. These foods satisfy your hunger easily as the simple sugar in fruits instantly gets absorbed increasing the blood sugar level and sending impulses to the brain that you are satisfied. On the other hand when you take junk food, you keep on eating till your stomach is really full and then you feel the satisfaction after having a huge diet. The teak potatoes that are often included in the traditional meal, lack sugar and therefore you may feel like eating something an hour before having a heavy meal plan. With such meal plan you are free to eat without any restriction and feel energetic, fresh and satisfied.

Raw Food Weight Loss

Vegetables have the least amount of calories found in any type of food. Next comes the fruits. Fruits are good in sugar content but they contain simple sugar. It increases the blood sugar and gives energy as well as reduce your appetite for food. It would be better if you start with an apple or some other fruit before your meal. Have some fruits 15 minutes before your meal and you will eat less later. High water content fruits like watermelon and so are also very much helpful in losing fats. These fruits are low in sugar content but seem bulky when you eat them. As soon as you get up in the morning and get fresh, have a glass of water with some fresh lemon squeezed in it. If you feel like having something after that, you can opt for some fruits or green vegetable juice of your choice. You can also have salads and some soups prepared from fruits and vegetables. Try to include green vegetables as much as possible in the form of juices, and fruits can be eaten raw or in the form of juice. Such food will keep control on your cravings for food and keep you satisfied.

Such type of program really works. There are three reasons considered for this. First is the enzymes. Enzymes play a vital role in your body and control its activities. Hormone regulation is also dependent on the enzymes in your body. Fruits and vegetables are rich in the enzymes and therefore are really effective in weight loss. Enzymes help in the proper digestion of the food and as you get enough nutritional value from these types of food, you may not feel like eating much. Next reason is that fruits and other fruits are alkaline in nature and therefore helps in the removal of toxins and acids from the body and that attached to the fats stored in it. On removal of the toxins that were attached to the fats in your body, the fats also get dissolved and are removed from your body. So, alkalinity of the food helps in reducing the fats and toxins from the body. Third reason that is to be considered is that the fat foods are not calorie dense foods and therefore you can eat them till you get satisfied without gaining excess of calories. Raw foods are also source of good natural fiber and therefore they help in good bowel movement and thus keeps your intestine and digestive system better.

Human body takes uncooked food as real food and it also helps in removing excessive fat and toxins from it. Weight loss and raw food plan can be of great help for people suffering from problems like obesity and overweight. They are fresh and healthier. Moreover they contain more of nutrient contents in comparison to cooked food, as cooking the food destroys much of the nutrients from it.