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A raw food cleanse diet has extreme effects on the human body. You can gain the benefits of such meal cleansing without any side effects if proper methodology is followed. Many of you must be thinking about the reasons why this detoxification is necessary. When you follow this diet process, your body gets detoxified and therefore it is also known as a uncooked detoxification meal. Detoxification as meant in general term, means the same in this procedure. This process is used to detoxify the body by flushing out all the toxins and unhealthy materials. It generally focuses on liver and makes it work in the detoxification of the body. Liver on its own, functions to detoxify the body from toxins and unhealthy materials.

Raw Food Cleanse Diet


Liver acts as a filter in your body. Almost everything that you intake goes through it and gets filtered. If you experience too much of toxins, it may get clogged and filtering may not be possible. It becomes sluggish and inefficient. Thus, the detoxifying diet helps to remove all the clogged materials from the liver and thus makes it work better. Excessive toxin accumulation in the liver may bring following symptoms and you may need to follow a proper detoxifying procedure. These symptoms include fatigue, mood swings, indigestion, headaches, bloating, difficulty in losing weight, allergies etc. All of these symptoms cannot be considered as liver problems but in most of the cases, it is liver disorder and sometimes some chronic disease may also be responsible for these symptoms.

There are many types of dieting plans that you can choose in order to detoxify your body. Some of them require intense procedure while other procedures may be little easy to follow. A three day detoxification process is good for starting. It has minimum or no side effects. To start with, a uncooked meal detoxification includes food items such as whole foods, fresh fruits etc., that are easy to digest and and help to purify your body fluid. It also purifies your liver and makes it work better. Food that are used in this process should contain only fresh and naturally occurring food items and should not contain any processed ingredients.

There are many herbs that can be used in the detoxification process. These are also used in many symptoms and ailments in the human body. Some of the herbs used in tea and other preparations used for cleansing the body include cascara sagrada, senna, burdock root, black walnut, milk thistle etc. Some herbs also possess anti-spasmodic properties such as fennel and anise. Herbs also form a type of raw meal and therefore it can be used in cleansing of the body.

The purpose of a such cleanse diet is to shift people on a raw meal plan. It is believed by many nutrition experts that including 80% of raw food in your daily meal will bring amazing results in the body detoxification. Before getting into a cleansing food course, you need to know your eating habits, lifestyle factors and physical health to get better results. This may help you in contributing to the changes that come in your health. According to your lifestyle, physical condition etc., you can choose a particular plan. Below are some cleansing plans that you can follow.

3 Day Energy Boost Plan: Every new raw foodies should start with the 3 day plan, as it provides you the opportunity to understand your body and notice the response of your body against such changes. Some people may suffer from some health issues in the beginning of the process. These symptoms include nausea, fatigue, headache etc. Food items that you can eat during this process include juices, salads, green smoothies and other low glycemic fruits.

7 Day Rejuvenation: This process helps you if you were under a low nutrition since long time. Many people who remain in toxic environmental conditions and follow a unhealthy lifestyle can adopt this cleansing process. This process helps you to rest and rejuvenate from those toxic environments. This system is similar to the 3 day process but requires more variety of food.

14 Day Deep Detoxification: This process is best when you are overweight and need to lose it. Moreover, it is followed when you have successfully followed the 3 day or any other shorter period of detoxification process. It helps you to have a deeper detoxification of the body. It makes you more energetic and helps you to lose more fat. During the initial 7 days, you need to be purely on juices and other liquid . After that you can shift to some solid uncooked food diet.

28 Day Total Body Reset: The 28 day long cleansing procedure is advised for people who have serious health issues and need to undergo greater weight reduction. In this process, you need to follow a liquid for about 10-14 days and then you can shift to a solid raw meal. The liquid can be anything that is raw and is juiced into liquid.

Side Effects of A Raw Food Cleanse Diet: The cleansing process has many side effects too. The shorter time cleansing process don't cause much problem to the human body. But the longer processes can bring complications in many people. Some of the side effects of this process are nausea, headache, fever, cramps etc. Some symptoms include blurred vision, low urine output, dizziness etc. Any person can follow this procedure, but you are advised to consult a doctor if you are bringing a major change in your meal. A medical guidance is essential for a cleanse diet. People with some severe diseases, pregnant women, diabetic people etc., should not follow this detoxification process as it may increase complications in their process.

Hope that the raw food cleanse diet procedure discussed above helps you to follow a proper cleansing procedure considering your lifestyle factors. Cleansing process helps a lot in detoxification of the body especially the liver.